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For something that was little more than a flight of fancy; an idea between two music-minded friends almost a decade ago, is now a recurring music event with a lasting legacy. Manhattan is our home.

The Outlaw Country Cruise 5 - January 29 - February 3,

For my partner in crime, Adam Duritz, the city is where he resides and where we get together to celebrate music and life. But for The Outlaw and our community of returning musicians, friends and family — each October is a place to be together, to breathe again and to laugh at the void. For years now, we have gathered early and worked late together to celebrate the best new music the world has ever seen. Along the way, we are constantly reminded why music is life for us.

And every single year, our group grows. New friends, new artists, new stragglers folks looking for a place to be in this world where great bands die for the actual lack of attention they join our fold. Every single October in New York City we meet and there are discoveries all around us. The team responsible for The Outlaw Roadshow love to guess which acts will end up being the biggest winners — the acts that win a throng of new supporters and fans. But really, everyone wins kind of big.

The Artists who play our stages get more out of this experience as the fans. They meet artist-brothers and -sisters who will tour with them, put them up on couches and attend their shows in distant cities while on tour. They meet producers who can help. Some get signed to actually beneficial indie record deals and licensing opportunities that will help sustain them financially. Everyone leaves with a full heart.

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The Outlaw is my favorite time of the year! In July, The Outlaw announced a year-long collaboration with PledgeMusic, a company offering artists a platform for success and sustainability. Thousands of music lovers and artists will be treated to a week of rejuvenation. Nashville is all about love! They became fast friends and decided they wanted to find a way to work together.

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The Outlaw was born. Whether a temporary community college, following a disaster, or for vacationing or a more permanent solution for a millennial, nature-integrated and mobile lifestyle, Tiny Home Communities are popping up across America. First and foremost, Jefre is about community. Groups function best when there is structure, however, the group needs to be passionate, motivated, and producing results.

Jefre immediately caught my attention when he was able to clearly articulate a variety of issues impacting EB-5 centers and the investors they are trying to attract. It was obvious that he commanded a great deal of knowledge on the subject well beyond my own. Immediately after meeting Jefre, I was anxious to start picking his brain on everything EB-5 related, so we could calibrate the StageXchange platform correctly. Jefre on the other hand was interested in knowing who I was as person before we went any further.

Fortunately after a few cups of coffee, I won his trust. Since then he has been an open book and introduced me to his vast network without asking for anything in return. In the last few months, his connections have brought us access to capital, potential JV partners, and clients. I have no doubt that Jefre can help get anyone in front of the right people. Negotiating multi-national sustainable home and real estate transactions in the 9-figure range, my clients enjoy my professionalism, creativity, and down-to-earth style.

Experienced Office Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the non-profit organization management industry. Email Address. Join The List Today! Networking With The Outlaw List Imagine moving to Austin — the fastest growing city on the map — and finding the perfect networking environment for clients, partners, investors and darn near anything else you need.

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Learn More. Events Calendar. Categories eWomenNetwork. Chris Guillebeau Side Hustle. Month Agenda. BoB Club Arboretum am. BoB clubs stands for Business Over Breakfast or Brunch and provides members with word of mouth referrals.

Outlaw, The

This is an official BoB Club meeting for you to check out. It will be a structured lunch[ BoB Club Circle-C am. BoB Club Westlake am. Casa de Luz Village Community Fair pm. Free community event! Come see what the Village has to offer — delicious vegan cuisine; yoga; acupuncture; Family Constellations; craniosacral therapy; Kukumi Montessori; the Good Society headquarters and so much more!

Join us for a[ Submit Your Event. Featured Posts. Networking: How To Get More From Your Group You regularly hear that creating and building a strong networking group is key to getting the referrals to grow your business. You do the work, but are you struggling to obtain referrals from your network? If you feel that your networking is not paying the dividends Read More.

However, people who did not invest as much time networking also did not report as much reward Networking for Introverts — You Have a Special Advantage in the Crowd I have never thought of myself as a great networker — in fact, I am one of those people that likes to avoid bigger crowds and enjoys a one-to-one conversation without too much background noise.

Networking With The Outlaw List.

The Outlaw The Outlaw
The Outlaw The Outlaw
The Outlaw The Outlaw
The Outlaw The Outlaw
The Outlaw The Outlaw
The Outlaw The Outlaw
The Outlaw The Outlaw

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