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Package on left. Evening Zen Incense - Traditional. Shoyeido's Zen Incense is an ideal companion for meditation and quiet reflection. The subtle fragrance is perfect to share with friends and family. Evening Zen contains sandalwood, clove, patchouli and benzoin. Zen Classic style contains exactly the same incense as the regular Zen product but it is elegantly wrapped in traditional Japanese wrapping paper and comes in a hand-pasted rice paper box left in photo.

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Evening Incense

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The History of the Church. Eusebius of Caesarea. James E. Questions about this item? Ask here. You might also like:. Quick View. Sandalwood Santali lignum A tall evergreen tree cultivated in India, Indonesia and Malaysia, Sandalwood is mentioned in old Sanskrit and Chinese texts. Rokubei Moritsune Hata, who represented the third generation of the Hata family to be involved in making incense, began incorporating methods of creating incense he learned while working at the Imperial Palace in Kyoto. He applied the courts secret traditions of blending incense that had previously been enjoyed only by royalty.

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Many generations later, the Hata family continues the legacy of their ancestors, offering a wide variety of unique, hand-blended incense. Today, Shoyeido is considered the highest quality, most natural incense available in the world. Sho means Pine tree; Yei is the ancient sound meaning "Prosperity"; and Do is a large building, i.

Evening Incense Evening Incense
Evening Incense Evening Incense
Evening Incense Evening Incense
Evening Incense Evening Incense
Evening Incense Evening Incense

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