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Lucifer closed the doors behind them and settled back in his seat, smiling as they nervously waited for answers. Zakesalek filled the six seats to his right leaving six empty to his left. Maefyl finished his cigarette and flicked it toward Lucifer letting it fall to dust before it reached him.

Some of you understand the implications of that, others will need to rely on your shadows for guidance. Do you accept? The six Watchers at the table remained quiet, but with the exception of Raziel they each smiled in approval of her effort to be reasonable.

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She knew very little of some of them and looked them over trying to put together the pieces. She stopped in front of Azrael. So Fukushu? Why would you pick me? She looked at Nikolai as he stood behind his intended seat looking troubled. Kage makes valid points though and you are more than capable. And yes, I trust him. He was not happy about burdening her with a place on this Council but she did bring an outlook to the table that would be of benefit, and the immunity her place would give her from Zakesalek was no small comfort.

He held her only a moment before he patted her back and pushed her back by her arms. She had never seen him out of his very formal suit. The black dress shirt he wore now had its sleeve folded and left his forearms exposed. Coiled around them looked like the tails of snakes. He had already been favoring her and grooming her for greatness. I request the right to keep our bride present. Unless the matters to be discussed require discretion you may bring your trusted companions.

They do not have a voice on this Council and if they become a problem for the others, the right will be revoked. If they become a problem for me, their lives will be revoked. He had hoped his skills would not become the topic of conversation, but there was little point in lying when he knew they could sense the power in him.

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I have a few things I would like to discuss with you. My ghosts are spreading word of your positions, the twelve of you are now Lords of Tsuriai. Enjoy the hate mail. This kind of power is not always well received, but those of you that have served on the Circles have dealt with it before.

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I suggest you spend time with each other, in particular with your shadows. I however have had my fill of most of you for the day. I get to rule the world! Sanguine was quick to return with Azazel and the other fairies and Bezer followed them inside, pulling Shiroi by the hand. Samael beckoned her to join them. When Samael walked past him he followed and let the doors close behind them. The smile he had kept through their meeting turned sinister and cruel. What do you want? This was what Raziel had dealt with throughout his entire existence.

Everyone wanting to dive into the sea of knowledge inside him. Samael wanted his brides thoughts and Maefyl imagined he would be the first of many to ask for the favor. Feared, vilified, revered and made near legendary by their kin; but the Wyrms were insecure and fearful of losing what they had captured. Ha kosh sek, Samael. Ha saba helsek.

The only thing Shiroi wants from me is an apology and a chance to be what we should have been. Just give her a break about wanting to talk to me. She loves to talk. You probably did us both a favor. He pushed the white skinned Watcher against the wall and held him there with his arm across his throat.

He quickly shifted behind Maefyl and brought him to the floor. You have reached the maximum number of selection. You can select only upto 4 items to compare. View Order. Hover to zoom. Sold Out! Be the first to review. We will let you know when in stock. Thank you for your interest You will be notified when this product will be in stock. I agree to the. Terms and Conditions. How It Works? IMEI Number. Exchange Discount Summary Exchange Discount -Rs. Final Price Rs. Apply Exchange. Other Specifications. The images represent actual product though color of the image and product may slightly differ.

Was this information helpful to you? Yes No. A box, poor. Tagui, tomogara, hiki. A quiver. To hide, run awa Wdkachi, machi-machi. Wdkachi, machi-ma IeH. A sign, stamp, seal. Ayaui, tahzi. Dangerous, high. To let down, to unload, sell at wholesale. Maliu, "lakimono. To roll up, the numeral for books, a scroll. MeguniUy awaremu. To bless, pity. Kqnrei no toM no sakazuki.

The nuptial wine-cup. That is, at once, to suc- ceed to a throne. To refuse, send away, dismiss, on the contrary. Kimi, nanji. A lord, you. A rock, cliff. Atsui, fnutsuwasJlii. Large, to mingle. A privy, to mingle, mean. That, short. To be tired of, sated, to dislike. IhS Shimobe, meshitsukai.

Togu, hagcmasu, fyawi. To sharpen, incite, a pestilence. Three, to visit at a y shrine, to go, come. X 4 Mata. To fold the hands, fork- ed, crossed. To reach, arrive at, to- gether with. To receive. To take. Tsuide, noheru. To arrange in order, tell, confer rank upon. An old man, sir. Intelligent, clear, wise. To be collected, crowd- ed together, a glade. Inishie, fund. Old, ancient, old times. To scold. K Tada. Fumi, fuhito. An auxiliary verb, good, right, to allow. To cry out, call.

To rule, administer, di- rect, a governor. Hj 4 Kindly. A straw bag. Each, respectively. To grudge, miserly. To drink, swallow. W 7 y To mourn, hum, sing. Ina, inamu. To present to a superior , show. Nageku, umeku. To scold, spit:, blow. It -ft A- Sasayaku, susuru.

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To whisper, sip, sniff. The wind-pipe, voice. Kuchisak The lips. To bark. W], To stammer, scream. Fpl V Meguruy amaneku, mawari. Iki wo haku, yohu. To breath out, call. Utau, uta. To compose poetry, a poem. To be reconciled with, Japan, mild. To scold, laugh. Kataruy sasayaku. To speak, whisper. Shikaru, soshiru. To scold, revile. Ikaru, soshiru.

To be angry, to revile. To wail, weep. To blow, rejoice, bark. Noisy, vociferous. A cough. All, everywhere. A distance of about 10 in. Warau, kataru. An auxiliary numeral, man, official, member. To open as a flower , blossom. To be choked, blocked up. Kotaeru, sosonokasu. To reply, tempt, entice.

Ah, belching. Uta, ani. To be angry, to cry out. Only, alone, to consent. To say, sing, recite. A dumb person. The saliva. To cry as a bird. To groan. To bite each-other. To cry as a bird , cla- morous. Tada, tada ni. To cry, weep. To rejoice. To lose, mourning, to be destroyed. Talking fast. A cry, call, war-cry. The bill, beak. Hitotsu, hitoc.

One, single, singular. To call, cry out. To cry, grieve, whisper. Nahi, oshi, dam am. To cry, a dumb person, to be silent. Ikifuliu, atatamcm, HVv To breathe, warm. Ikaru koc. An angry voice. A, itamu, nageku. Ah, to sigh, grieve. To laugh, ridicule. Ydbusaka, kci Miserly, to begrudge.

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To grieve, mourn. A, tanoshimu. Yot, yomisuru. To vomit. Nameru, kaisute. To set on a dog, instigate. A iie, to sigh. To be silent. A, nageku, akuM.

To neigh. To bite. A sneeze. Said ni, innkau, hibihi. Before, the past, to face, opposite, echo. Strict, severe, solemn, to frighten. To scowl. To cry, twitter. Kaindbi Noisy. Saezuru To twitter, chatter. To whisper. To play music. A bag. To engage, entrust to, order. To surround, an enclo- sure. Meshiudo, toraeru. A prisoner, criminal, con- vict, to arrest. Meguru, kaeru. To revolve, return, a time, chapter.

To depend on, by the way, because of, a cause. To be in distress or in extremity, to be tired. A decoy. Katai, motoyori. Hard, firm, obstinate, from the first. A prison. Koniegura, meguru. A granary, to revolve. Com, [H Orl V A surround. To surround, preserve, an enclosure. W E Mami. Hdkaru, egdku. Marui, atsumam. Round, to assemble, a company.

Am, ini. To be, to dwell, the country, now. The earth, land, a pJ ice. A crystal, a jewel, pure. A cross-roads, a dike, a Buddhist temple. To sit, squat. A hole, pit. A hole, pitfall. A boundary, limit. T suchi, h itsu ji-saru. The earth, south-west. Tsuchi, hitsuji-saru. Level, smooth, plane, wide. Kewashii, nayatnu. A dike, dam. Kewashii, nayt Steep, to suffer pain. To tear, open. An island, to stop. A crucible, unglazed earthen ware. A mould. An ant hill. Aka, kegareru. Sakai, kagiri.

A place, limit, boundary. Motoi, motozuku. Foundation, basis, origin, to be founded on. Horu, hori. To dig, carve, dig open, a canal. Hard, firm, strong, strict. Tsiihi, hihii kaki. Kishi no saki. Red clay. Katai tsuchu Hard ground. To manure, tend the roots of plants. Uzutakai, Piled up in heaps. A bank, dike. To endure, be able. Mukuiru, tsugeru. To recompense, pay back report. Niwa, ha.

A place, field, circum- stances. A border, frontier, a boundary. Kaki, takmmeru, A fence, wall, to store up. A crucible. Kojiro, toride. A small castle, an em- bankment. A dam, to block up. To fill up, stop up. Takai, toi. A tower, pagoda, to fall. A mound, grave. A dike. To bury, fill up. High and dry ground. Dirt, dust, rubbish.

A school, school-room. A limit, boundary, re- gion, condition. A wall, fence. Tani, ana. A valley, ravine. To break down, destroy, ruin. Koctsuchi, tsuchi. Fertile ground, the earth. Unfertile soil, hilly. To throw down, break. Haka, isiitsumi. A mound, grave, dike. A moat, ditch. Long life, old age, long- continued. Yorokobu, mau. Xo rejoice, dance. To be late. Great, big, chief, very. Futoiy oMi, hanafiada.

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  • Young, an early death, handsome. Distant, far. Ehisu, tairaka, horohosu. Hokoru, ogoru. Hoka, soto. To present, to receive from a superior , serve, help. On, nkvaka fli, kotogotoku. To cover, suddenly, com- pletely. To report to the Throne, play on a musical instru- ment. To make an agreement or alliance with, a check.

    A constellation, the star favorable to literature. Large, prosperous. How, why. A fish-basket. Sadameru, matsurii, oku. To decide, worship, place. Susiimeru, tasukeru. To be stirred up, ex- cited. Stroke radical. A go-between. Improper, disorderly, to lie. An Imperial concubine, to be arranged in order. A singing girl, a prosti- tute. A deceased mother.


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    Utsukushii onna. Beautiful, suspicious, be- witching, calamity. Yasui, tairoka, shizuka. Gentle, smooth, quiet. Netamu, sonemu. To envy, be jealous of. A younger sister. A wife. An elder sister. Aniyome, ane. Haramu, To be pregnant. An older sister. A governess, nurse. A princess, daughter of a nobleman. Takeshii, ogosoka, odosu. Stern, majestic, fierce, strong, to threaten. Form, appearance, man- ner.

    To be pregnant. A niece. Beautiful woman. To marry a husband. Kaoyoi, haruka. Beautiful, far. Baba, uba. An old woman, a wet- nurse. Oha, tsuma no shimai. An aunt, sister-in-law. J A girl, female. Shitagau, utsukusMi, kudo- kudoshii. To follow, prolix. Beautiful, graceful. To dance, quick.

    To bear a child. To marry a wife. An old woman.

    Tsuriai IV : The Circle of Vex

    A woman, wife. To obey, graceful. To tie, hitch. A maid-servant. A son-in-law. To be glad, obey, steal. Yotsugi, tsuma.

    st matthew passion part ii no 44 whateer may vex or grieve thee Manual

    A Uba, haba. A sister-in-law. Engumi, yosJiimi. Marriage, intimacy. Yome, tsuma. Ugly, foolish, licentious. Ha 31 Osanai, kamm'uri no himo. Juvenile, the cords of a head cover. To be jealous, hate. To smile. Slender, delicate. A child, son, a viscount, the first sign of the zo- diac, the rat, north. Confucius, a hole, slot, very. Hitori, okureru, hofura. Alone, to be left behind, larvae. Azana, aza. A character, nickname, a ward or hamlet. To live long, remain, regard, take notice of.

    Makoto, tamago, kaesu. Truth, an egg, to hatch, Tsutoineru, hagemii. The beginning, great, Mencius. Sue, wakai, toki. The end, young, a season. Yakko, tsumako. A slave, wife and child. A child, an infant. Mago, A grandchild. Minute, detailed, who, what, which. Yowai, otoru. Weak, inferior, Yashinau, fueru. To rear, increase. Kaesu, sodateru.

    Tsuriai IV : The Circle Of Vex Tsuriai IV : The Circle Of Vex
    Tsuriai IV : The Circle Of Vex Tsuriai IV : The Circle Of Vex
    Tsuriai IV : The Circle Of Vex Tsuriai IV : The Circle Of Vex
    Tsuriai IV : The Circle Of Vex Tsuriai IV : The Circle Of Vex
    Tsuriai IV : The Circle Of Vex Tsuriai IV : The Circle Of Vex
    Tsuriai IV : The Circle Of Vex Tsuriai IV : The Circle Of Vex

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