Aus dem Leben für das Leben Interaktives Schreiben (German Edition)

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Kein Wunder also, dass sich viele Erwachsene, die noch nicht selbst mit digitalen Medien aufgewachsen sind, Sorgen machen. Daher haben wir uns drangemacht und herausgekommen ist ein Vorleser, der Drucksachen ausleuchtet, mit der Kamera eines Einplatinencomputers abfotografiert, den Inhalt interpretiert, und stilecht mit einer Computerstimme vorliest. We will be questioning ourselves how can we enhance the perceptions. What conditions should be met? Inspired by a paper of David Chalmers called the extended mind. The aim of this session is to explore the benefits of wearables and its tendency to develop towards the fashion market.

Why is this happening? Christian Bauer. German Talk Beginner Partner: Lab Flugtaxis — ein lang ersehnter Traum der Menschheit — steht endlich direkt vor der Realisierung! Doch ist es wirklich schon so weit? Impulsvortrag in der re:cruiting area zum Thema New Work. In this conversation, two architects will exchange their visions on how to design future cities, deconstruct the smart city propisition and discuss the role of vernicular architecture in this context. Alle podcasten jetzt. Plan A is the first action platform in the fight against climate change.

The theme is planet and people: what does our planet offer us? What do we take from it? How does this relationship change, and what is the cost of it? See that the world and its humans are fragile things. There is room for peril, but also for a relationship of balance and sustainability that lets both shine.

English, Live Translation Discussion Everyone. What do a German, former UK-based artist, a Danish art curator, a Dutch cultural executive and a young film maker have in common? They believe in our continent's diversity and values which strongly influence their individual works - and meet at re:publica to unite their voices for a stronger Europe.

Es kommt darauf an. If we want to build inclusive digital societies, we need to be able to imagine a future we want to live in and develop a language to describe our ideas for future societies. This session will share skills on how to design the future. Artists, designers and researchers will present approaches and methodologies how to design future products, scenarios, and concepts. Daran ist auch die Medienberichterstattung schuld. Dass Deutschland eine plurale und diverse Gesellschaft ist, spiegelt sich in unseren Filmen und Fernsehprogrammen nicht wirklich wider.

Looking into projects that have boldly started out as game changers, challenging how systems in the music and digital worlds operate C3S and Resonate — What are their prospects of succeeding? Aber die haben wir hinter uns gelassen. Genauso wie das Patriarchat. Und zwar gemeinsam. English Workshop Beginner. Make your own colorful statement bunting out of felt with Makerist. Will Senyo , Manon Dubois. Re:publica hosted its first festival on African soil in Accra, Ghana! Siemens and VW have both announced upcoming plans to establish plants in Ghana in the wake of a recent visit by German Chancellor Angela Merkel with a high-powered business delegation.

Is Ghana the next African economic and cultural hotspot? This session navigates through striking data to tell an unvarnished story of a WestAfrican nation quietly building its future. Zum Thema Essen findet man hier jedoch v. Es ist kein Sex, sondern eher eine Beziehung.

Eine Struktur, in der Sex passiert. Weibliches Begehren scheint nicht zu existieren. Elly Oldenbourg.

Gedenkstätte für Opfer der "Euthanasie"-Morde eröffnet

Ist das Romantik oder eine Straftat? Das Thema Stalking versteckt sich oft hinter einer romantischen Fassade. Mit dem Fabmobil ist der Constitute e. Welches Geschlecht hat ein Roboterarm? Die Installation "Who am I? Seit Generationen folgt der Mensch pragmatisch dem Prinzip: verwenden, verbessern oder vergessen. Sigi Maurer hat sich gegen sexistische, erniedrigende Hassnachrichten gewehrt, indem sie einen Screenshot davon inklusive Profil-Namen gepostet hat. Today, algorithms wield far-ranging influence: they decide what videos we watch next, but also whether or not someone is eligible for parole.

Machine decision making has grown ubiquitous. Despite its sophistication, AI can and does discriminate and amplify bias. Our digital society needs to act swiftly: There needs to be more transparency, and ways to correct mistakes and enforce accountability. Analytische Slideshow: Etwa Ladenfronten des Einzelhandels um und zeigen: Es steht nicht so schlecht wie erwartet.

Digitalisierung als Folge der Moderne. Wie wollen wir unsere Stadt und unseren Alltag? Klischees und Vorurteile brechen, dabei transparent sein — wie geht das? We reflect on the reality check theme of the day in a conversation with artist and educator Mat Dryhurst.

Zaboura , Jasmin Schreiber. What is data made from a Feminist perspective? What does Feminist Data do or need? Join artist and researcher Caroline Sinders in this introductory workshop proposing new methodologies and solutions for data collection through a feminist lens. As part of the Sequencer Tour, re:publica heads to Detroit in October. We are The Future Agency — a majority-women non-profit collective of speakers and facilitators with diverse backgrounds who all share interest and expertise in the field of digital technology and politics, feminist values and are currently mostly based in Berlin.

Wir scheinen uns einig zu sein, dass Technik Gegenstand von Bildung sein soll - die Frage ist nur: wie? Activists, journalists, dissidents, and ordinary citizens are censored and surveilled by repressive governments. However, in the digital age where telecoms control our access to the internet, social media platforms monopolize our digital engagement and activism, and where surveillance tech companies have untamed power, censorship and surveillance is no longer the sole business of governments.

This session dissects the relationship between corporate and government censorship and surveillance. In the face of the horror that is climate change, the only hope we now have is to stare it right in its face; turning away is a privilege. There are parts of culture which celebrate a gaze that doesn't flinch. One of the most well-known is metal music. During this talk, I will examine examples of metal, its aesthetic and the role of climate change within it in order to ask the ultimate question: how should we conceptualize the coming catastrophe? Oh, and we'll also play some music way too loud.

Viel wichtiger ist es, sich am Lernen im freien Netz zu orientieren. Andreas Dittes. Impulsvortrag in der re:cruiting area zum Thema Recruiting. Immanuel von Detten , Elena Riedlinger. Elena ist Journalistin und Immanuel ist Programmierer - zusammen haben wir untersucht, wie die Szene der Desinformationsverbreiter in Deutschland aussieht.

Mithilfe von Data Mining und einer sozialen Netzwerkanalyse konnten wir wichtige Player, die mit ihren Artikeln ordentlich Stimmung machen, identifizieren. Der Vortrag handelt davon, wo und wie das stimmt und wo nicht und was das eigentlich bedeutet. Alles in einer Stunde — das nennen wir mal ein tl;dr! The session looks into what sound engineers, designers and artists are working on right now and which new applications for such sounds are in the works or theoretically conceivable.

Beyond "Fake News" - a tour de force around the global state of misinformation and propaganda, how it threatens to drive societies towards extremes and jeopardises the very concept of journalism. And how can we stop it? We present an interactive session on verification skills, based on our daily Twitter quizzes. We let participants in the audience solve the quizzes together and live, right there, loads of fun included. Don't talk - take action and join in.

After the Workshop with the Puppet Thinking, we want to bring this momentum of art on the road. We create a parade that gives free space for self expression and craziness. Transliteration aktiv Tastaturlayout Phonetisch. Seite auf Deutsch. Dear user, We put a lot of love and effort into our project. Your contribution supports us in maintaining and developing our services. Donate via PayPal. Teile dieser Seite funktionieren nur mit aktiviertem JavaScript. Cyber-bullies may disclose victims' personal data e.

Some cyberbullies may also send threatening and harassing emails and instant messages to the victims, while other post rumors or gossip and instigate others to dislike and gang up on the target. Patchin University of Wisconsin—Eau Claire Sameer Hinduja Florida Atlantic University Abstract Bullying in a school setting is an important social concern that has received increased scholarly attention in recent years. Specifically, its causes and effects have been under investigation by a number of researchers in the social and behavioral sciences. A new permutation of bullying, however, has recently arisen and become more common: Techsavvy students are turning to cyberspace to harass their peers.

This exploratory article discusses the nature of bullying and its transmutation to the electronic world and the negative repercussions that can befall both its victims and instigators. In addition, findings are reported from a pilot study designed to empirically assess the nature and extent of online bullying. The overall goal of the current work is to illuminate this novel form of deviance stemming from the intersection of communications and computers and to provide a foundational backdrop on which future empirical research can be conducted.

In regards to the move to the new campus, we had to and will still need to make some important decisions in order to successfully position our school. These decisions are for example regarding our communication structures, everything technology-related and concerns all sections of the school in order to sustainably reach our goal to be one school instead of a mosaic of different departments.

We want to be an inclusive school, which supports its students with special needs as well as offering additional programmes for good and excellent students. Our successful application to introduce the Junior Engineer Academy also needs to be seen under the umbrella of inclusion. The development of a school partnership with Friedrich-Dessauer-Gymnasium Aschaffenburg, one of the best high schools in Germany, was initiated to improve understanding about studying in Germany as well as to encourage intercultural experiences and generally increase the motivation of learning the German language.

At the end of this school year, I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to our very committed teaching faculty of GESS and administrative staff members, to our security, maintenance and cleaning staff members, as well as to our reliable and always positive minded students, who have once again collected a lot of donations for charity organisations.

A special thank you to our Parents Committee, whose most important goal is to support the educational work of our teaching staff. I also want to thank our Facility Manager, Roderick Antonio, for his tireless effort regarding the security on campus, that benefits your children, whom you entrust to us. Last but not least, I thank our Board of Governors, who are always listening to our wishes and who support us in a very exemplary way.

We know that we are very valuable and precious to our parents and Board of Governors and in return, we are committed to a reliable partnership and deliver excellent educational work. The support that usually happens in the background, which is of a great help to us, especially needs to be mentioned here: The German Embassy in Singapore and the Central Agency for German Schools Abroad ZfA , who support us on behalf of the German foreign ministry, not only financially but also with personnel and valuable advice.

Not to forget companies and individuals, who provide us with school equipment and financial support. Thank you very much to all of you! Looking back, I think we can be proud of a successful academic year, as mentioned above. Of course, we had to overcome some challenges and we had to make difficult decisions in collaboration with the committees and personnel changes had to be implemented constructively and with benefit for the school. I am sure that the collaboration within the whole school community has again enhanced the quality of the school.

With your support I am positively looking into a bright future and I am not worried about overcoming the challenges that might be waiting for us. I am looking forward to welcome you back in August. With best regards. Diese Entscheidungen umfassen unsere Kommunikationsstrukturen, unseren IT-Bereich, alle schulischen Sektionen, um unser Vorhaben, wirklich eine kompakte Schule zu sein und kein Mosaik aus einzelnen Abteilungen und Sektionen, nachhaltig umzusetzen.

Auch den Mitgliedern des C. Ihnen allen vielen Dank! Ich freue mich darauf, Sie und Euch im August wiederzusehen. Their understanding and learning was slowly unpacked day by day through hands-on experimentation and construction of knowledge. Collaborations continued to take on different forms as the Pre-Primary inquired into the organisation of performances. Creativity abounded as the children explored their roles and responsibilities when creating a performance. The celebrations continued as the children inquired into popular holidays and developed their sense of international-mindedness.

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They discovered the history of Deepavali and invited their friends from other classes to celebrate the Festival of Lights by sharing a traditional Indian meal. A similar experience was shared during Chinese New Year after the children enjoyed a Lion Dance performance together. This special event saw the Kindergarten children take center stage by performing the St. As the children became increasingly internationally-minded, their inquiry led to action outside of the classroom. The Pre-Primary children began to understand the impact humans have on the environment. Troubled by the rubbish found around the school, the Pre-Primary children wrote letters to the Singapore National Parks Board and organised park cleanups.

Their inquiry deepened into an experiential exhibition, which was presented to the greater school community. Parents, teachers and students came to listen to the Pre-Primary children showcase their PYP learning journey. At the end of the current academic year, it will be time to say goodbye to our treasured school campuses. In preparation for the move, the Kindergarten children have been exploring the purpose and function of the spaces in their daily environment.

Wissenschaft & Technologie - Merck weltweit

They have been using critical and creative thinking skills to design new learning spaces for their Dairy Farm Campus. It was a wondrous year for each of the children. Weitere Feierlichkeiten folgten, als die Kinder weitverbreitete Feiertage kennenlernten, die ihnen helfen, weltoffen und international aufgeschlossen zu werden. Doch damit war noch nicht genug: Zu St. Martin bastelten die Kinder einzigartige Laternen. Martin im Mittelpunkt. Die Vorschulkinder begannen zu verstehen, welche Auswirkungen wir Menschen auf unsere Umwelt haben.

Nachdem alles vorbereitet und alle Boxen gepackt waren, nahmen die Kinder Abschied von ihrer Schule. Sie freuen sich aber auch schon sehr auf ihren neuen Campus. Anfang der er Jahre waren wir noch als eine kleine deutsche Schule auf dem Hauptcampus auf dem Bukit Tinggi vereint. Aus der Analyse der Raum- und Finanzsituation wurde schnell klar, dass es nicht sinnvoll war, Teile der Schule am Bukit Tinggi zu belassen. As we move to our new campus, I will share with you some of my reflections of the 2 campuses we have as I write this.

I immediately fell in love with the Junior School Campus. The walk-way from the main entrance with the welcome signs in different languages always makes me smile. I also love that students are waiting for each other at the main entrance, eager to see their friends. The library is sometimes my refuge to get some work done or participate in a staff meeting or listen to a visiting author during Words Go Round. The sports hall is always a place of celebrating and active sports lessons.

The Habitat reminds the Primary school students where they have come from and we enjoy sharing this space with the PreSchool for CCAs and the annual musical. The field I will remember for the Pony Drop fund-raising event and for running around it with my children to raise money for charity. My favourite place, however, are the classrooms. They are usually oases of quiet concentration, faces focussed with inquiry, hands-up to question or contribute, or busy places with showing work to parents, working in groups, sharing ideas. The Main Campus is so different. So quirky. At first, I did not like the buildings, the passage ways.

I worried about the endless ledges that students would trip over. But I need not have worried.

Gedenkort für Opfer der NS-Euthanasie

I just had to get used to the place and now, as my office is situated there, it feels like home. I love the canteen because it serves me lunch: I can eat with my colleagues or students — whoever is there. I like the forum, especially at break times, when the students play their choice of music which I usually know!

Quite often, I escape down the jungle path to see what is going on in the sports hall or the design labs, to see who is swimming in the pool. It clears the head and once I see students interacting with their teachers, it brings home why I work in schools. The library on the main campus is usually quiet and contains an excellent collection of pedagogical resources for my colleagues and I: a useful place to pause and reflect.

KIGA may be tucked away but in the mornings and afternoons, it is peaceful to see the younger students, walking hand-inhand, following the yellow footsteps painted on the floor, looking uncertain but also proud! Last but not least, the IES building: the hall so quiet during exams, so formal during assemblies and performances and so loud when the applause breaks out. My classroom is downstairs — this I shall not miss for it is small and dark. How I look forward to bright classrooms on our new campus! So it was important for UOB that we had two other sources of financing: The rent, which Chatsworth International School pays us for a year lease of the Bukit Tinggi Campus, and a loan by Deutsche Bank, which is guaranteed by German companies, who wanted our new campus to become reality.

With the financing in place, we could start building our new campus. The planning process went over many months, with heaps of input from our staff and students.

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We therefore have the layout and the facilities in place for a state-of-the-art 21st century learning environment. As you all know Singapore is land scarce and it took us a long time to secure the location for our new campus. We are extremely grateful to the Singapore Government that we could acquire this beautiful piece of land along Dairy Farm.

We promise that we will bear this heritage in mind and that we shall use our new location to develop deeper ties to the Singapore population around our school. Many ways of interaction are possible and should enable our students to further engage with the place they call home — some for shorter periods, some for their whole student life and beyond.

Anticipation is slowly growing ….. After 33 years in our jungle home at Bukit Tinggi and 10 years at spacious Jalan Jurong Kechil we will bring our school together again and move to our new campus at Dairy Farm Lane. Starting 16 August we will have one home for pre-primary, primary and secondary school for our entire school. Our new campus is built for students and has fantastic facilities in all areas of student life: science, languages, arts, sports, technology, library, …..

Writing this, I still find it hard to believe that we managed to pull this huge project through and that our new school becomes reality. This was only made possible with a little help from our friends. We owe thanks to so many people that it would fill a number of pages in this yearbook if I were to mention them all. Please therefore allow me to pick a few, who come to my mind: We were extremely lucky to have had three Treasurers in a row, who managed to ensure the financing of our project together with our Finance Department, throughout those years headed by Joachim Herrmann, in endless negotiations with banks, discussions with sponsors and lots of ideas, how the financing could be structured.

It started with Mr George Papasolomontos. Subsequently Dr Dirk Eichelberger took over, who negotiated and structured the financing during the four years of his term. And now it is Mr Roger van Baal, who will have to watch our covenants and ensure that we live within our means without overstretching the parents. It was not easy to get the financing in place. Apart from our equity we have three pillars of financing — and we could not have built our new school if not all of those pillars had come together.

UOB as our main lender was willing to finance more than half of the project sum, even though a borrower who is an. When talking to the Government, but also in many other discussions related to our new campus we could always rely on the support of the German government, particularly the German Embassy in Singapore. All Ambassadors, be it Ms Angelika Vietz, Dr Michael Witter and now Dr Ulrich Sante, have been extremely helpful to open doors and bring forward decisions, which were crucial for our project. As you would expect, a project of that size runs through numerous ups and downs and there will have been a number of sleepless nights involved for our team.

Well, the result should make all of them proud. In the end it is a community, a group of people, which make such a project happen.

Das Leben des Brian - Lateinunterricht (HQ)

Many people went the extra mile. It was a pleasure to work with all members of the Board of Governors, who spent a lot of time and thoughts throughout the past years on our new campus and the future of GESS. We also were and are very lucky to have a strong School Management Team, which worked together with their teams on every aspect of GESS.

I hope that everyone is as excited as I am to come back after our summer break and make this fantastic new place our home — for many years to come. Vom Es begann mit George Papasolomontos. Mit gesicherter Finanzierung konnten wir den Neubau beginnen. Der Lohn ist eine wunderbare und moderne Lernumgebung des Wir versprechen, uns dieser Geschichte bewusst zu sein und unseren neuen Standort dazu zu nutzen, langfristige Beziehungen zu unseren Nachbarn an der Dairy Farm Lane zu entwickeln. Michael Witter und jetzt Herr Dr. Viele haben besondere Anstrengungen unternommen. I have known many of you since our trip in Grade 6, where I learned about gummy bear fortune telling and why teachers should never try to fit in a closet!

My how you have changed since then and oh what a difference seven years can make in terms of volume! Some of you have joined us along the way, and of course you have said goodbye to many good friends who moved away. What is always apparent is the strong bonds of friendship and respect that exists amongst you. These are the bonds that never truly leave you, and will stand you all in good stead for the years ahead.

Dear EA, When you read this you will be setting your sights on a new independent life, full of specialised knowledge, cold cities, new friends and dubious student meals. Has anyone forgotten August becoming so frighteningly enthused and effective in his role as a plastic-producing corporate villain?

What about Annabel, wounded by the Asian Hornet, walking in stoic silence as she listened to Igor complaining endlessly about a mosquito bite? Luke, with a bowl of marshmallows on his head? You have been splendidly lucky to have been supported by the life-saving competence of Cassandra Armstrong, who not only provided you with hot drinks, but was also almost magically aware of what was going on for you at every turn. Your experiences span languages and cultures, you will have collaborated, managed projects, travelled, and acquired academic know-how.

How you draw from this is up to you, but you would do well to carry on as you have been, bringing people from diverse backgrounds together in meaningful work. You are about to embark on your new adventure, whilst this brings excitement it can also be a little scary for some people to step out of the comfort of school and the structure school brings. You may long for the end of those final exams, but then find the openness of the time afterwards more challenging than expected, that is natural, try to fill that time meaningfully.

You each have your own ambitions and hopes for the future, I encourage you to follow these dreams with both eyes open, get to know yourselves as well as you possibly can and maintain your friendships so you have the support you need when you face the challenges life will undoubtedly bring. You live in a privileged time when you have multiple ways to stay connected with each other, and I hope you will also keep your connections with the teachers and faculty of GESS who have supported you on your educational journey so far.

We would all love to know how you are getting on. I wish you all a bold, resilient and joyful future. Die 9c… auch wenn sich manche Kollegen nicht mehr so genau erinnern, wurde mir da nicht nur Lalaland versprochen. Unvergessen: Das lilafarbene Klassenzimmer! Die 12c… und noch mehr Qualen, diesmal aber richtig — vier Monate Shakespeare? Euer Klassenlehrer — jetzt aber dann wirklich nicht mehr —. Liebe Abiturientinnen und Abiturienten der Klasse 12A, Die meisten von euch kenne ich nun schon seit der Die Freunde aus der Schulzeit werden immer etwas Besonderes bleiben.

Es liegt aber auch eine besondere Zeit mit vielen Entscheidungen vor euch. If so, can you describe it? Yes, it definitely did. Some lessons I took home: to accept other people and other cultures, to welcome someone who is new rather than rejecting him or her and to basically give everyone a chance. What do you miss most about your time at GESS?

What is your fondest memory when you think of your school days at GESS? I remember a school that really felt like a family. The students basically knew each other from elementary school up to graduation. The relationship between students and teachers was great and usually not reduced to acadamic performance. Teachers always had an open ear for our issues.

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What do you miss about Singapore and your life there? If it has been a while, what do you remember most about your life in Singapore? And of course, I also remember all the sports activities starting from the first Asian Games to basketball and all the swimming competitions. I miss the hawker food and food courts where you could get food any time. And I also miss the wonderful class trips we had, which, I guess, were not always easy for some of our teachers. Tell us a bit about where you went after you left GESS and what happened to you.

Starke Partnerschaften

After finishing school, I did an apprenticeship to become a draughtswoman. Later, I attended a training as Interior Design assistant in Munich. I am still an active basketball player and enjoy swimming. What are you currently doing and what plans do you have for the future? I am working for an architecture company with really nice colleagues.

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In my spare time, I work as a basketball coach for a sports club and train the girls-under- 16 and under teams. Before that I was the swim coach. This is something I really enjoy doing. I was just 2 years old, when my parents decided that our family of 6 should take on the adventure of moving abroad.

Aus dem Leben für das Leben   Interaktives Schreiben (German Edition) Aus dem Leben für das Leben Interaktives Schreiben (German Edition)
Aus dem Leben für das Leben   Interaktives Schreiben (German Edition) Aus dem Leben für das Leben Interaktives Schreiben (German Edition)
Aus dem Leben für das Leben   Interaktives Schreiben (German Edition) Aus dem Leben für das Leben Interaktives Schreiben (German Edition)
Aus dem Leben für das Leben   Interaktives Schreiben (German Edition) Aus dem Leben für das Leben Interaktives Schreiben (German Edition)
Aus dem Leben für das Leben   Interaktives Schreiben (German Edition) Aus dem Leben für das Leben Interaktives Schreiben (German Edition)
Aus dem Leben für das Leben   Interaktives Schreiben (German Edition) Aus dem Leben für das Leben Interaktives Schreiben (German Edition)
Aus dem Leben für das Leben   Interaktives Schreiben (German Edition) Aus dem Leben für das Leben Interaktives Schreiben (German Edition)
Aus dem Leben für das Leben   Interaktives Schreiben (German Edition) Aus dem Leben für das Leben Interaktives Schreiben (German Edition)
Aus dem Leben für das Leben Interaktives Schreiben (German Edition)

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