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The former " How I Met Your Mother " star reveals whether she'd want to revisit the hit show and why it was the best job. Watch now. When two exiled space prisoners stumble across the Prince of the Galaxy, they realize the handsome royal could be their ticket off this desolate planet. But first, they'll have to deal with King Garganon and his deadly and stupid band of cannibals.

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External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Audio - 2. View all 15 comments. Darkly dramatic, yet sci-fi lite As seems typical with prison planet books, the main characters are a notch above their peers in terms of humanity and lack of dastardly deeds. Which is okay so the romance can play out satisfactorily. Audra and Ty are interesting characters, but I didn't feel a soul-deep connection. Quite a lot focuses on survival, but there are trigger warnings for assault.

The inclusion of Maci is integral to the story, moving a lot of the plot for this book and the next. As not Darkly dramatic, yet sci-fi lite As seems typical with prison planet books, the main characters are a notch above their peers in terms of humanity and lack of dastardly deeds. As noted in the headline, a lot of drama is mined from the perilous situation, but the science fiction elements are very minimal, limited mainly to spare descriptions of a different environment and a couple of tech gadgets.

In fact, this book is strongly reminiscent of the former. Book source: Kindle Unlimited The simple concept behind this story worked for me on every single level; totally satisfying my taste for the slightly unusual I do so enjoy in my reading. I spotted this on Kindle Unlimted and thought it sounded right up my alley so would give it a whirl. I was going in here slightly blind here as have never read anything by this particular author before. I adored everything about this imaginative offering set on the prison planet Rhodon. This tale is told in dual POV and centres around Audra and Tyson and the events that occur after she selects him as a best-case scenario when needing a guardian to protect her from the other male inhabitants.

This was gritty and imaginative with such dark undertones that I found so mesmerising. The chemistry between the two mains gave me such tingles with its profound intensity and at times deeply emotional connection. His arms encircle me, a warm band of steel, and he brushes hair down my back. And I would die for you. This was such a fantastic experience that I can't recommend more highly. Every so often I get a little gem that I wasn't quite expecting that totally blows me away with its freshness and unique outlook.

Guardian was that jewel for me. I'm gonna wrap things up here by saying I loved the old Snake Plissken, Kurt Russel films and this for me was like Escape from New York and LA but played out in space on an entire planet and with more of a romantic sexy element; whats not to love about this. The possibilities with this particular series are endless and as vast as the authors very vivid imagination. I borrowed this one with my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are entirely my own. Reviewed By Beckie Bookworm. Jul 07, Jacqueline's Reads rated it really liked it Shelves: killer , ku.

Guardian had the right balance of good verse evil that I was highly entertained from the first to the last page. In this world, the criminals are sent to another planet and this planet is just filled with criminals. Both male and female criminals inh 4. Both male and female criminals inhabit the planet, but they are broken into different sections and settlements. I really liked the concept of the book. I felt bad for Audra, because she is used by the guys, but I do like the rules they place. Each girl is with a guy for a month and they are only there between one to six months depending when there will be a fresh set of new prisoners.

Audra picks Tyson to be her Guardian. He is to provide for her and take care of her, but at any time any man can challenge him and take her away. I was seriously on pins and needles throughout the whole book. I never knew what was going to happen and how the book will end. Every book is about a different couple so this is a standalone. I liked the chemistry between Audra and Tyson.

He has no friends and likes it like that. Overall, give this book a try, I highly enjoyed it. Apr 07, Lily rated it did not like it Shelves: prison , scifi , survival. This was a pale and messy imitation of Hold by Claire Kent. I was not originally turned off by the fact that this author took inspiration from Hold. I would love to read other stories just like Hold. But this book literally ripped ideas off to a point that it seemed like a fanfic rewrite to me. It went way too far. Audra and Tyson' s relationship followed every single milestone that Cain and Riana's did. To the way he didn't kiss This was a pale and messy imitation of Hold by Claire Kent.

To the way he didn't kiss her until she was attacked. Down to the escape plan requiring her to let some dude have the same exact liberties. Even worse Audra was so annoying at first and stupidly mean to Tyson. She was not smart even though we are told she is. Tyson fell in love for no reason at all and joined her in making dumb decisions. He was also remarkablely suspiciously unaffected by 15 years on the planet.

And I did not believe for a second that they were in love. The prison planet environment was had some unique details and I did enjoy that it was less restricting than the Hold environment.

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But the world building wasn't there The main characters' backgrounds were barely brushed on. I would give this 2 stars normally, but the amount of elements lazily stolen from Hold brings it down to 1 star. Honestly, I've loved some rip offs of popular novels before, but this one was done badly. Mar 10, BookPauper rated it really liked it Shelves: sci-fi , lady-crush , good-menz , spectrum-impediments-disability , captivity-prisoner.

I didn't expect to like this as much as I did. I had just finished Hold by Claire Kent so I was expecting pretty much the same thing. That's not a bad thing, I enjoyed Hold.

I think it's the difference between a novel and a novella. The characters are more layered, the world is more complex. The drama and how their relationship develops is complicated and believable. Dual POV is used so well and each character has a distinct voice. Color me hooked. May 16, Mandi Schreiner rated it really liked it Shelves: suspense , dystopian , erotic , future , dark. I really liked this one. Hero and heroine charged with crimes and sent to a prison planet for the rest of their lives.

Women used as sex slaves - heroine forced to pick a man - and hero turns out to be a decent good guy.

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They have to fight off bad guys and try to find their way out of the zone they are in. Content warning: Sexual assault Full review coming.

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  7. Mar 13, Tiffany Roberts rated it it was amazing. Really enjoyed Guardian! The beginning really hooked me in and I could just imagine the nastiness they had to deal with while in those cramped cages. When it came down to it later while on the prison planet, Audra got lucky picking someone who just happened to be strong, but also kind. I really loved Tyson. He was sweet, understanding, but was definitely no push over. No one messed with him. You kind of wonder how messed up this government is to send someone to life for something so minor, especially at a young age.

    There are some high stress moments which are expected for a book like this and the environment they are now living in. On a side note, for some reason, every time I look at the cover, the male is how I pictured Jaime and not at all how I pictured Tyson, lol Jun 02, B. Truly rated it it was amazing Shelves: amazing-sci-fi-men-i-love. Sci-if romance is my favorite genre. Guardian was more of a galactic, colonization, survival of the fittest romance, which made for a very interesting read. There were some futuristic concepts, but the prison planet reminded me of how Mars would be if it was ever terraformed.

    I absolutely 4. I absolutely loved it. Leyda was trying to befriend her, but Audra was cold toward Leyda, brushing her off.

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    The problem I had was that Audra was thinking these thoughts, yet she was doing the same thing with Maci, attempting to befriend her. That made a big character contradiction. Audra was just introduced and I was just getting to know her, so that left a bad taste in my mouth. However, besides that character flaw at the beginning I really liked Audra. This book had the right balance of heated romance and a steady paced plot that kept me turning pages—well swiping the screen.

    Tyson was a very likable guy that any woman could fall for. His protectiveness over Audra and Maci, and the way he took care of them could make any woman fall for him. That made for an interesting couple to root for. This book is not for skittish people. The way it was written made it believable that this could happen in real life.

    My guess is that Tyson and Audra will be side characters again at some point. View 2 comments. May 26, Elizabeth rated it it was amazing Shelves: you-already-own-this , , science-fiction. Prison planets are a new concept and now that I know they exist?

    Prison planet

    The chemistry here was hot, and it's really hard to balance hot, consensual sex with a setting that is not set up for that. Emmy Chandler managed to do that, and I am definitely going to be reading the rest of this series. Other than wanting to smack Audra for most of the book I loved it! Maybe it would have been easier for Tyson if he'd had puppets to act out what he was saying for her? Or like someone that speaks "brat" to translate?

    My exhaggerated example: Tyson: I don't want you to leave, I want you to stay with me. I don't want anyone else! Audra: WHAT? Ok it wasn't that bad often. I really liked the world and the concept. I'm excited for the next books and I was totally absorbed by the sto Other than wanting to smack Audra for most of the book I loved it! I'm excited for the next books and I was totally absorbed by the story through the entire thing.

    Mar 20, K. It was a winner. In the future, criminals found guilty of crimes deserving a life sentence are sent to a desolate planet, the Devil's Eye. It's a free-range prison--no walls, or prison bars. But there's no way off the planet, and the prisoners have created a type of society, sick and twisted though it is. The female tribe has an arrangement with the male tribe. They will send six women, new arrivals, to the male tribe to be whored out in order to keep the peace and keep the male tribe from attacking.

    Audra and Maci are two of the lucky chosen. Audra's not given many choices on this planet, but she does have the ability to choose the man and barters her services in exchange for food, shelter, and protection from the other men. Because if your man can't protect you, another may steal you. But if she chooses a jerk, he can use his strength to beat her. She sees one man in the back holding a rabbit he killed. He's taller than the other men, and very strong. She sees he can feed her and gambles that he's not cruel. This story had all the feels. I loved that the author didn't sugar coat things.

    It's often a tale of the lesser of two evils in an impossible situation. It made the story more real for me. I can't wait to read the next book. Recommended for fans of the Blue Barbarians. May 14, TP rated it it was ok Shelves: romance , sci-fi , underperforming. It had a good foundation but was too light and lacked sci-fi components. The story was interesting, but lacked action, suspense and angst.

    Which I would have expected on a prison planet. Still it worked. The romance was nice but lacked a good development in the sparks and attraction department. It was a nice foundation but left out to much which could have been explored more. The sci-fi part is reduced to a few tech tools and a colour change of the environment and that is practically all.

    The story started out interesting, the struggle and survival is also not bad, although predictable. At this point I would have given the book a solid 3 stars. Till we come to the end part where they need to leave the colony. Mostly all previous efforts are in vain, the main characters discover their sudden love for each other, which puts their previous rational and pragmatic character traits to shame and no one knows what happens to them afterwards.

    The story ends in a cliffhanger in my perspective, leaving me dissatisfied with an open end and lots of unanswered questions. Yet, the following books involve different main characters. Not interested in that. Jun 14, phoebess rated it liked it Shelves: reviews. At first, I had a hard time to get into the story, I'm not even sure why. Maybe I just had to get used to the author's writing style. Then the story got better and interesting and I really enjoyed it.

    It ended up with a HFN, which I liked and I hope the author will get back to this couple to continue their story—whether in the next couple's book or in their own again—but to be honest, I can't see HEA happening in this series. That planet is too fucked-up for them to be believable. I love the storyline and Tyson and Audra are an awesome couple. Love how they both take care of Maci. Audra is a survivor and chooses wisely and ends up with more than she bargained for. Has its own HEA definitely want to read the next one! Jan 17, Kristy Mills rated it it was amazing Shelves: alien-space , alpha-hotness , hott-spots , audiobook , app-kindle , future , ebook , Audra is sent to a prison planet where criminals go for a life sentence.

    Almost immediately after she arrives she is selected to be one of the 6 girls loaned to the men for a while until new girls come in. Audra chooses scarred up loner Tyson. Tyson is not like the rest of the men, despite his protests Audra is sent to a prison planet where criminals go for a life sentence. Tyson is not like the rest of the men, despite his protests that he is.

    The more you get into his head the more you learn the motives behind his actions, and the more you just absolutely love him.

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