Stories for Your Spirit, Volume II, 57 Meditations

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Original Goodness see article is a commentary on the Beatitudes. In the s and s, Easwaran published a variety of commentaries on public events in prominent periodicals, especially the Christian Science Monitor , [27] [28] [29] [30] [31] [32] [33] [34] [35] [36] and also in The New York Times , [37] [38] elsewhere in the US, [39] and internationally.

Many of Easwaran's recorded talks have been published in video and audio formats. Easwaran's program for spiritual growth consists of eight points, and is described comprehensively in his book Passage Meditation — A Complete Spiritual Practice originally published in as Meditation. Each point had a dedicated chapter: [56]. A variety of influences of Easwaran's life and work have been documented. Easwaran's students, inspired in part by his teachings about compassion and stewardship for the environment , published a well-known vegetarian cookbook entitled Laurel's Kitchen , later republished in revised form as The New Laurel's Kitchen The book contained extensive nutritional information from a scientific point of view, and sold more than a million copies.

Easwaran's teachings or practices have sometimes been taught as part of traditional college courses, [58] or as tools for self-management by health professionals.

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Outside of the US, Easwaran's life and teachings were profiled, along with those of a variety of other spiritual teachers, in a book published in India entitled Meditation Masters and their Insights. Easwaran's words have been included in collections of wisdom teachings, such as ones recently published by Chang [61] and Parachin Easwaran's method of passage meditation was followed by the poet Robert Lax. Easwaran has been listed in reference works on spiritual and religious leaders. In his survey of commentaries on the Bhagavad Gita , Nadkarni described Easwaran as "respected worldwide as one of the most profound writers and orators on religion and spirituality".

Easwaran's books, initially written in English, have also been translated into more than 20 other languages, and published in non-US editions by indigenous non-US publishers. His books have also been translated into Chinese PRC. From , a number of Easwaran's books and articles were excerpted and republished as the series of short ebooks "Easwaran Inspirations":. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Eknath Easwaran. Kerala , India. California , USA. Main article: Dhammapada Easwaran translation. Main article: Essence of the Upanishads book.

Main article: God Makes the Rivers to Flow. See also the biography of Easwaran posted at his publisher's website accessed 1 September Monastic Interreligious Dialogue.

Rattle, Body and Light Meditation

Archived from the original on October 8, Retrieved Ryan Encyclopedia of Hinduism. The making of a teacher: Conversations with Eknath Easwaran. Petaluma, CA: Nilgiri Press. Yoga Journal. Retrieved March 30, Psychological Studies. The New Yorker , pp. By his example, [Khan] asks what we ourselves, as individuals made from the same stuff as he, are doing to shape history" pp. Tomales, CA: Nilgiri Press. His Indian heritage, literary gifts, and spiritual sensibilities which have given us excellent translations of Hinduism's Upanishads and Bhagavad Gita here produce a sublime rendering of the words of the Buddha.

A bonus is the sparkling page introduction to the Buddha's life and teachings that precedes the translation. Shirer book review ". Christian Science Monitor. Retrieved May 1, Revisiting the Raj — an Indian perspective. Christian Science Monitor , p. Mohandas K.

Gandhi in South Africa. India and Pakistan: time to encourage trust. Young people, idealism — and drugs. Gandhi's lesson for the Philippines. Find a Peaceful Solution, in the Name of Islam. Nehru 's Lesson From Gandhi. The Dignity of Ancient Culture. An Island of Calm in a Sea of Hostility. The New York Times. Retrieved August 7, Not to mention a hellava lot of fun. Approach your practice with playfulness.

You may believe that a spiritual practice must be solemn and serious. But it is anything but! Joy is one of the five noble emotions and laughter is its language. So above all else, approach your budding practice with a light heart.

Guided Meditation for Sleep on Psalms 62: My Soul Finds Rest

Laugh at yourself, laugh at your teachers, laugh at the sheer silliness that is the human experience. We are mammals made of recycled star-stuff rocketing around on an anomalous blue planet in the vacuum of an exploding universe and yet somehow we allow ourselves to get derailed by jammed printers or cat sick on the carpet. How could we not laugh?! Watch for signs. As you begin to cultivate a spiritual practice you may find that the universe sends you little nudges or clues to encourage you on your seeker's path.

You may begin to notice strange coincidences or undeniable signs that point you deeper into your connection with spirit. It may be something as simple as having three different people recommend the same book, or connecting with a kindred spirit through a seemingly random occurrence. Want to speed things up? Ask for a sign. One of my favourite practices is to write the Universe a letter.

stories for your spirit volume iii 57 meditations Manual

Request help with whatever you are struggling with. Thank her for her guidance and don't forget to date and sign your letter. Stay open and you will begin to feel subtle course corrections as you travel through life.

Connect with your tribe. I used to believe that spirituality was a solitary endeavor. I could not have been more wrong. Want to feel your practice really open up? Get together with other seekers.

Personal Revelation

Attend workshops, classes, and retreats. Join online communities like this one. There is a reason that most spiritual traditions are built around congregations. There is an energetic resonance that only comes from being part of a group. That is where spirit resides the strongest. It doesn't have to be a formal gathering. It can be any circle of individuals who support and encourage each other on this ride we call life. We can safely say that everyone wants to be happy.

Hopefully, entering the spiritual path will help us to find real happiness. First, it seems we need to be aware and present in our lives, less distracted and less scattered. Meditation is an invaluable tool to help us move in that direction. A big part of a healthy meditation practice is balance. This is a very challenging and unfamiliar concept to some people. I think of it as a big balancing scale; tranquil and interested; peace and clarity; calm and energized.

This is a balancing act and within one meditation session, we can flip flop back and forth. Both aspects are needed together in harmony. Next, in our time off the meditation cushion, we have to adjust to the many changing circumstances that we encounter in life.

STORIES FOR YOUR SPIRIT, Volume II, 57 Meditations: 57 Meditations

Karma yoga helps us in letting go of our comforts and attachments, our concepts about how things should be. Karma yoga helps us to concentrate the mind. If we are successful in our Karma yoga we will experience the results when we sit for meditation. And conversely, if we can increase our concentration during meditation, the quality of our seva selfless service will increase. Most people in modern culture are really quite scattered. We spend a large part of everyday distracted. Actually we are addicted to these distractions. We go from one to the next without even realizing it. This can also be true for people staying in the ashram; we can get so caught up in ashram life, that we find ourselves busy non-stop, all day long.

I have been trying to balance meditation and seva for years while living in the ashram. The Amrita Silent Retreats have helped me a lot in this regard. For people just starting the spiritual path, this provides a strong foundation so that from the beginning, they can learn the importance of setting aside time to sit everyday. They also gain a lot of confidence upon completing a course. For old-timers, retreat participation is valuable because it recharges their enthusiasm for the goal.

I have heard this feedback from both groups of people. After completing an Amrita Silent Retreat, people often say that they come away with a taste for meditation. We can meditate for short periods throughout the day. Amma has designed another way for us to strive for balance and harmony in our lives. The Amrita Silent Retreats are a rich, powerful and rewarding experience — truly a gift from Amma.

Stories for Your Spirit, Volume II, 57 Meditations Stories for Your Spirit, Volume II, 57 Meditations
Stories for Your Spirit, Volume II, 57 Meditations Stories for Your Spirit, Volume II, 57 Meditations
Stories for Your Spirit, Volume II, 57 Meditations Stories for Your Spirit, Volume II, 57 Meditations
Stories for Your Spirit, Volume II, 57 Meditations Stories for Your Spirit, Volume II, 57 Meditations
Stories for Your Spirit, Volume II, 57 Meditations Stories for Your Spirit, Volume II, 57 Meditations
Stories for Your Spirit, Volume II, 57 Meditations Stories for Your Spirit, Volume II, 57 Meditations
Stories for Your Spirit, Volume II, 57 Meditations Stories for Your Spirit, Volume II, 57 Meditations

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